Saturday, 7 March 2015

Friday: Timerity - Isosceles

     You know I sometimes like to do something a little more chill heading into the weekend, so for this week's Friday post (a little late, yes, I know...) I've got a nice little metal-related surprise for you to chill out with.

     So think back to Protest the Hero's second album Fortress. There's a song on there called "Spoils" that has this piano section at the end of it. You might, at first listen, think the boys brought it a guest musician or something, without realizing that guitarist Tim Millar, in addition to being a master beard-grower, is a pretty good pianist as well.

     And now he's got a full-on little side project going (if that makes any sense) under the moniker of Timerity. That's why you're going to check out "Isosceles" for your Friday song, which contains the aforementioned piano section from "Spoils" and a bunch more too. Turn your pianist friends into Protest the Hero fans today!

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