Monday, 2 March 2015

Cloudkicker - Garage Show

     Last Monday I prepared you for your week with a heaping dose of Metal Monday. This week I'm going the other direction in the hopes that good vibes will start your week out on the right foot. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you another edition of Mellow Monday.

     This week I'm going with another cut from everybody's favourite one-man instrumental post-everything workhorse Ben Sharp, aka Cloudkicker. There's lots of Cloudkicker stuff that could fit the bill for a more mellow Monday while still being interesting and engaging (read: not boring), but this time out you're getting "Garage Show" from 2012's Fade. It's a brief, interludey kind of a song, almost more of a jam or exploration of an idea, and yet it's got this laid back groove that just works, leaving me wanting further exploration rather than overstaying its welcome. Get to know Cloudkicker, if you don't already.

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