Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Opeth - I Feel the Dark

     I've decided to go with something a little lighter than the past couple of days' songs for your Humpday Wednesday, but still something that, despite being fairly chill, still has some proggy meat on its bones. So, that pretty much screams Opeth, right?

     Things had been getting less death metal and more prog for Opeth for a couple of record's, but the 2011 album Heritage marks the the beginning of the shift from prog with some remaining metal sprinklings to full-on 70's vibe. Many old-school Opeth fans lament this transformation, but I've never had a problem with it, and today's song is a good example of why that is.

     "I Feel the Dark" has a little bit of heaviness in its menacing middle section, but otherwise it's a study in acoustic-driven mellow groove, made a little more dreaming and ethereal by Per's keyboard work. It's the kind of track that really shows off the synthesis of styles that Opeth has pretty much perfected by this point. Heritage may not be everybody's favourite Opeth record, but "I Feel the Dark" is proof that it definitely still has some good stuff on it. Chill out and put this one on.

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