Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hail the Sun - Falling on Deaf Ears

     It's day two of Loud Noises Unplugged week, and the themeyness (sure, that's a word...) continues in more ways than one! One way, of course, is the acoustic nature of today's post, but another is the fact that today's song comes from another band that graced my recent Ten Best of 2014 list.

     Hail the Sun put together a pretty solid slice of energetic and poppy post-hardcore in Wake, but back in December they took a little trip into the studio to lay down acoustic versions of a couple of songs from Wake. This evening, I'm pointing you in the direction of one of them.

     "Falling on Deaf Ears" is already a bit "laid back", at least when compared to some of Wake's other tracks, but lose the drums and bass and swap those electric axes for some acoustic ones and you've got another feel entirely. Check it out and then check back in tomorrow for Unplugged day three.

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