Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Dzyen (feat. Ashe O'Hara) - As One

     With all the excitement among Tesseract fans at having Dan back in the band (and, more recently, the hints and rumours of an upcoming Tesseract live album...) it might be easy enough to forget that previous singer Ashe O'Hara is also a ridiculously talented vocalist in his own right. Want to know what Ashe has been up to lately?

     Doing a guest spot on the upcoming LP It's Pronounced 'Zen' from British progressive metal band Dzyen, for a start. Dzyen have recently released the first video from It's Pronounced 'Zen' (a record that'll feature a whole mess of skilled singers, including another familiar face mentioned above) and wouldn't you know it, Ashes kills it.

     "As One" may not blow you away with how incomprehensibly prog or tech it is, but it's got some good groove, a catchy melody or two (and not catchy in that way that makes you want to remove that earworm from your brain with an icepick), and there's even a tastefully shreddy guitar solo tucked in there just for good measure. Oh, and there's some guy named Ashe, too. Check it out.

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