Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dance Gavin Dance - On the Run

     Sometimes I know about a band's new record well in advance, because of pre-orders or studio diaries or whatever, and I anticipate accordingly. Other times, as the music blogger in me is almost ashamed to admit, I'm caught completely off guard when hearing the news of an imminent album release by a band I dig. This post stems from one of those latter, vaguely embarrassing times.

     OK, so I'm not actually embarrassed when I learn that a band was in the studio and I didn't even have the slightest inkling about it -- I might be kicking myself for not being as thorough as I could be, but 'embarrassed' is too strong a word. Whatever the feeling, I get over it pretty quick and move on to being pleasantly surprised, and then excited, by the idea of new music coming out of the blue at me.

     Thus it was that, upon learning of the impending release of the new Dance Gavin Dance record Instant Gratification in April, I stopped for a second and thought, "Wait; there's new DGD afoot? Say what?!" Sure, the metalheads among you who look down on bands like Dance Gavin Dance don't give a shit about this news, and Instant Gratification's lead single "On the Run" is likely to further cement your not giving a shit, but anyone out there who digs DGD or other bands in their poppy-screamo little corner of the post-hardcore world should enjoy it. If that's you, give it a listen and get yourself some instant gratification.

     See what I did there?

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