Sunday, 2 February 2014

Saturday: Russian Circles - Memorial

     Russian Circles drummer Dave Turncrantz must be a blast to jam with. It's not like he's the most technically showy drummer, or someone who plays at a million beats a minute, or anything like that. But man, he can fall into the pocket of an interesting little beat and stay there for days. And he's more than capable of spicing things up a little, tossing in some stick/rim work or some quick-wristed hat play.

     Now, I don't get to jam with Mr. Turncrantz, but last year's Russian Circles record Memorial did at least provide me with another welcome dose of his playing. Memorial also provided me with an opportunity to hear a contradiction in terms: A Russian Circles song with vocals. Wait, what?

     Yes, album closer "Memorial" features vocals by one Chelsea Wolfe, but rather than fundamentally altering the band's sound by claiming centre stage, the ethereal vocals sit right in the midst of the mix with the other instruments. They almost feel like something that wouldn't be out of place in any song in the band's catalogue. Have a listen and see what you think.

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