Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Revocation - Reprogrammed

     I mentioned today's band in my Ten Best of 2013 post, and I've featured their stuff as Songs of the Day before too. Seriously, if you don't know Revocation by now, you really, really should.

     "Reprogrammed" is the closing track from Revocation's third LP Chaos of Forms, and the band couldn't have picked a better way to cap off such a great record. The song thunders in with a typically intricate riff and doesn't really let up much until it fades out four minutes later. There's even some of David Davidson's always tasty lead work, a cherry on the metal sundae, if you will.

     OK, maybe I'm fondly remembering the ice cream I had earlier, but the fact remains the Revocation are FUCKING AWESOME. Pick up an album or a concert ticket today and prepare to be blown away. Djenty-proggy-jazzy-type metal is certainly strong right now, but between these guys in the US and Sylosis in Britain straight up thrash is alive and well too.

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