Sunday, 2 February 2014

PUP - Resevoir

     We're going a little local with tonight's song, so strap in for three and a half minutes with Toronto's PUP.

     PUP, which apparently stands for , is a punky rock band (or a rocking punk band) that plays a loud, brash brand of modern post-punk. It's simple and catchy, but not so much so that I would use the dreaded term "pop-punk", and at the same time it has some rough edges and abrasiveness that remind me just a little bit of someone like At The Drive-In (minus ATDI's schizophrenic technicality).

     All in all, "Resevoir", from the band's self-titled 2013 LP, is the kind of short and sweet blast of energy that makes at least this listener sit up and say "now that's the kind of thing that should get on the radio these days." And, bonus, the music video is fun too.

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