Monday, 3 February 2014

Half Moon Run - Call Me in the Afternoon

     Today's song sees us shifting gears from the raucous punk-tinged rock of PUP to the rich and layered indie-folk-pop of another Canadian band, Half Moon Run.

     I've featured a Half Moon Run song on Loud Noises before, namely the opening track "Full Circle" from the band's 2012 debut LP Dark Eyes. That song has a decidedly melancholy beauty to it that really hooked me when I first heard it. Today's song, which you've likely heard if you happen to live in Canada and listen to any "alternative" radio station, has a somewhat more upbeat feel to it but is no less catchy and haunting because of it.

     Have a listen to "Call Me in the Afternoon", coincidentally the second track from Dark Eyes, and t-t-t-t-take one if you need it.
(That reference will only make sense to those of you who know the song, so I guess you'll just have to listen to it if you want to know what I'm on about.)

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