Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bodyfarm - Unbroken

     Fancy some punk-tinged death metal that's got all the subtlety of a half brick in a sock? Tonight's song, courtesy of Dutch band Bodyfarm, has got you covered.

     Bodyfarm's second LP The Coming Scourge was released last fall in Europe, and the band's brand of melodeath is finally about to hit North American shores in a couple of weeks. They're not the fastest death metal band, or the techiest, or anything like that, but they do know how to craft a song that feels old school without sounding like it's been done to death before. (See what I did there?)

     They've just released a new single from The Coming Scourge, a song called "The Well of Decay", but for my metal money the song you're really going to want to hear "Unbroken". It's the source of the whiff of punk I alluded to earlier, and it's got some suitably metal lyrics about an unbroken warrior standing victorious amidst the corpses of his vanquished foes. Kinda just makes you want to gear up and wait for Ragnarok, doesn't it?

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