Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Silverstein - Bleeds No More

     In yesterday's post I mentioned a Canadian post-hardcore band that it now occurs to me might not be familiar to everyone out there. So this evening we're taking a trip down the 401 to Burlington to feature a song by Silverstein.

     I won't make any bones about the fact that Silverstein are in many ways a band that could be derogatorily labeled "emo", but I also won't make any bones about the fact that I used to really dig bands like this, and the fact that bands like this helped get me into the kind of music I listen to today.

     So chart the evolution of my musical tastes and get some insight into what the fuck I was on about even mentioning Silverstein in the same breath as The Arusha Accord. Two pigs with one bird! Here's "Bleeds No More" from Silverstein's 2003 debut LP When Broken is Easily Fixed.

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