Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Periphery - Pale Aura

     Periphery's interesting new EP project Clear -- a release for which each member of the band penned one song -- is a couple of weeks away from seeing actual release, but that doesn't mean you couldn't potentially be cranking the whole thing right now thanks to a Youtube stream from the band's label Sumerian Records.

     There's some really good stuff on this EP, but at the moment the song I'm digging on most is "Pale Aura", a track that solidifies Periphery's status as masters of modern metal. Even if anything "djent" is verboten to a metal "purist" like yourself, you can't deny that "Pale Aura" is fully loaded: strong melodies and chord progressions, funky ass riffs, tight-as-fuck blast beats and drum-guitar interplay... It's heavy in a way that I could almost see being on the radio, but not in the usual radio way of being poser heavy. If Periphery's next full length sounded anything like this one, I'd be dead chuffed.

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