Thursday, 30 January 2014

Killitorous - It's Not Stanley, It's Stan Lee

     It's been a bit of a long day, and it isn't quite done yet, so I'm in the mood for something heavy as shit. Consider yourself warned.

     Today's band Killitorous, a fast and furious tech death band from right here in Canada, comes recommended by none other than The Black Dahlia Murder's Facebook page, which can and should be taken as a ringing endorsement. If you like blast beats, trem picking, competing shrieks and growls, all topped off with obligatory heavy metal long hair windmilling, then you should know that Killitorous do NOT fuck around.

     Take a listen to "It's not Stanley, It's Stan Lee" from the bands forthcoming debut LP Party, Grind if you don't believe me. It's got all of the above*, and put together in such a way that after four minutes you're still hungry for more.  Only multiple plays will satisfy. Once again, you've been warned.

*OK, the hair windmilling is only in the mix if you're watching the video, but even if you're not,

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