Wednesday, 22 January 2014

CHON - Knot

     I've considered featuring today's band before, but for whatever reason I've never gotten around to giving them their day of song. Tonight I intend to rectify this glaring oversight.

     Jazzy tech band CHON come recommended from varied corners of the interwebs, from Heavyblogisheavy to Plini himself. Everybody seems to dig this proggy outfit from San Diego, and with good reason: their stuff is intricate and complex while still being replete with laid-back grooves.

     What better time to finally make good on my intentions to let you know about CHON than now, given the upcoming release of the band's EP Woohoo early in February? That's why tonight's song is "Knot" the first song released off of Woohoo. It's a quick, jazzy look at the kind of thing CHON is all about.

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