Thursday, 19 December 2013

Scale the Summit - Atlas Novus

     Yesterday's Plini song has put me in the mood for some more majestic instrumental music that's both heavy and mellow. Sound like a tall order? No, it just sounds like a job for Scale the Summit.

     Elements of heaviness and beauty happily coexist side by side throughout Scale the Summit's catalogue. Thunderous double bass drumming rumbles underneath intricately tapped guitar lines, adding up to music that's got groove and riffs for days but isn't just straight up bludgeoning. And perhaps more importantly, at least in terms of instrumental music, there's enough going on to hold the listener's interest.

     Sometimes instrumental bands suffer for their lack of vocals, especially if they stick to verse-chorus-verse type songs, because the central core of singer and lyrics that we're used to just isn't there. Not so with Scale the Summit, where every instrument is telling a story that interlocks with that of every other instrument.

     But you probably already know all of this, since Scale the Summit aren't exactly indie. So let's just bask in the radiance of their skillz and have a listen to "Atlas Novus" from this year's solid The Migration, shall we?

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