Saturday, 21 December 2013

Metallica - Trapped Under Ice

     The last couple of days here in southeastern Ontario have been jam packed with shitty weather, namely freezing rain that's covered virtually everything in a good half-inch to an inch of ice. In addition to leaving me more or less housebound all day today, due to the icy roads that I literally watched neighbourhood kids skating on earlier, it brings back memories of the mammoth ice storm of 1998 that hammered southern Ontario and Quebec and the northeastern United States, when you could just walk outside and hear trees cracking and snapping all around you. It's not nearly that bad this time, but still the same vibe.

     In honour, or perhaps defiance, of the weather, your song tonight is Metallica's "Trapped Under Ice" from 1984's Ride the Lightning because that's how I feel right about now. If you're in the same boat, stay safe, and maybe take some pictures. Ice does crazy things sometimes.

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