Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tigran Hamasyan - What the Waves Brought

      When I started writing this blog, it was with the intention of writing more or less exclusively about metal. Now, I listen to a lot of metal and heavy music, but it quickly became apparent to me that so much of what I'm into falls under some other heading. It has since become my mandate simply to write about interesting music, heavy or not. I'll listen to music from virtually any genre, as long as it's not boring. Or country. Fuck country music.

     With the thirst for interesting music in mind, I present you with this little gem I stumbled across a couple of days ago, a song called "What the Waves Brought" by an Armenian jazz pianist named Tigran Hamasyan. Regular readers will know that I like a bit of jazziness now and again, but this song has elements that should appeal to even the stanchest of metalheads: complexity, technical proficiency, a balance between consonance and dissonance, energy, dynamic "riffs" (licks? what do you call them on piano?)

     I'm featuring this live version of this song from a performance on KUTX because I dig the vocal touches Tigran puts in, spilling over in beat-box territory towards the end, but even the album version (from Tigran's 2011 album A Fable) is plenty worth of a day in the spotlight. And if you're still not sold on the whole jazz piano thing, consider this: how badass would a metal cover of this song be?

     That's right. Super badass.

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