Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Russian Circles - Youngblood

     With Instrumental Week continuing this evening, I figured it's only fitting to feature a band that I mentioned yesterday in my description of Salt of the Chief Cornerstone. They're kinda trendy in instrumental metal circles right now, but there's still probably lots of you out there who don't know them, so tonight we're going with a song by Russian Circles.

     Your song tonight is "Youngblood" from the 2008 album Station, which happens to be the song by which I discovered this instrumental three-piece. I think I dig 2009's Geneva better, but Station is still a great example of Russian Circles' style, and "Youngblood" is one of my favourite cuts from the latter record. So enjoy it as another reminder of just how powerful music can be, even without those clumsy word thingies.

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