Sunday, 10 November 2013

Misery Signals - Carrier

     I think I've mentioned this before, but just in case I haven't let me make it perfectly clear right now: I'm a sucker for physical media. If a band I'm into has a pre-order (or, as the case today may be, a crowdfunding campaign) you know I'm going to be all over the deluxe double CD version. I'm not quite so far gone as to be one of those vinyl-or-nothing people (although I do have a turntable and a small record collection) but I definitely will pick a CD over a digital download every time, to the point that when a band offers only a digital-download version of their release it makes me a sad, sad panda.

     My fixation on physical media is such that, when I do pre-order an album (or contribute to a crowdfunding campaign) I typically don't listen to it a whole lot until my copy arrives. Sure, I'll stream it on release day so I'm on the same page as everybody else for when it comes time to write this blog, but beyond that initial acquaintance-making I usually wait until I get my copy to really dig in.

     Thus it was with great delight that I opened my Indiegogo perk package from Misery Signals earlier this week. Yeah, I know the album came out over the summer, but I sprang for the "making-of DVD" package, and I believe the band chose to include some tour footage on said DVD, hence the delay.

     In any case, I've finally gotten the chance to really listen to Absent Light (which typically consists of a lot of plays through a record whilst driving back and forth to work) and it's growing on me with every spin. I still think Controller is my favourite, but tracks like "Carrier" from Absent Light are doing their best to change my mind. That's why (after a long-winded lead-up) "Carrier" is your song tonight. Enjoy.

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