Sunday, 3 November 2013

Intervals - Inertia

     It seems like a lot of albums on my "watch" list have come out recently, or will be out soon, so it's more or less time to shift from "waiting for records to drop" to "waiting for records to be recorded". A number of bands I'm into are either in the studio or just about to head in, like today's band.

     Toronto's Intervals are an up-and-coming young instrumetal band that I've feature a bunch before, but since they're within days of heading into the studio to lay down the last of the material for their debut LP I think it's only fitting that I give them another few minutes in the spotlight.

     To that end, here's "Inertia", the closing track from Intervals' debut EP The Space Between  from back in 2011. A little bit djenty in groove terms (in the best possible ways) but also proggy and melodic, and all without a single word being sung. If instrumental stuff if your thing, you should know about Intervals, and if it isn't, Intervals is a big reason why it should be.

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