Saturday, 16 November 2013

Closure in Moscow - Church of the Technochrist

     Technically I'm about a half hour late to the party with today's (or rather Friday's) song, but really who's counting (besides me)? Probably not you, that's who!

     Pre-orders for the upcoming LP Pink Lemonade from Australia's proggy post-hardcore band Closure in Moscow have been up for a couple of months now, but beyond some studio updatey-type videos on their Facebook they've been relatively silent about the whole thing. The record doesn't even have a release date yet, although it looks like things are now into the mixing and mastering stages. The band does, however, have a new video for the album's first single, "Church of the Technochrist".

     Closure in Moscow were never a metal band by any stretch of the imagination, but judging by this single (and a couple of live tracks that have found their way onto Youtube) the band has shifted its sound away somewhat from the levels of intensity and technicality displayed on previous releases. But that doesn't mean I'm not still interested in hearing Pink Lemonade; the band still seems to have all the energy, melodic sense, and just plain funkiness they always have, meaning that the tasty flavours I like about their old stuff are still in evidence. Plus, at least in the case of this first single, the subject matter -- technology as religion -- is actually pretty metal, amirite?

     So, staunch metalheads of the Interwebz, put aside your pretentious metal elitism for at least a few minutes and let "Church of the Technochrist" convert you to the ranks of the Closure in Moscow believers. You might just find that you enjoy some slightly mellower thunder from down under.

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