Friday, 11 October 2013

Sylosis - The Bereaved

     This is likely old news to many of you (spoiler, new readers: I'm not running a music/metal news blog here) but just in case you haven't heard, British metal masters Sylosis were involved in a bus crash here in Canada last month.

     Thankfully everyone in the band is fine, although the band's RV was totaled and they had to bow out of their opening slot on the current Trivium/Devil Driver North American tour. The latter point is a particular shame because, as those of you who aren't new readers may know, I think Sylosis is definitely a band more people need to know about.

     Every time they put out new material, my reaction upon finishing that first listen-through is "Gods, I can't wait for more!" And lest you think this reaction means I'm at all dissatisfied with said material, know that I'm always looking forward to the next album because I think to myself "if this is what they're doing, I can only imagine what kind of fresh slaying they'll get up to with another year (or whatever) of being awesome under their collective belts."

     So while it might well be a while before those of us on this side of the pond get the chance to become better acquainted with the purveyors of shredding from Reading in person, we can all revel in some killer metal right this very minute. More specifically, let's all climb into the wayback machine to check out a song I recommended you check out way back in June of last year when I first recommended Sylosis to all of you in the early days of Loud Noises.

     Your song today is therefore "The Bereaved" from the band's 2006 debut EP Casting Shadows, a track that is still one of my favourite Sylosis songs. Fast, shreddy, melodic, heavy -- "The Bereaved" has it all, foreshadowing very early on the kick-assitude in store for Sylosis. Do me a personal favour and turn this one up loud.

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