Monday, 28 October 2013

Monday Afternoon Double Feature

     Sure, I missed doing a song yesterday, but you know I've always got your back. Eventually. So this afternoon we've got another double header. Two new songs, no reloading. You're welcome.

     First up are the tech-metal nerds in Dissonance in Design. You make feel like I'm flogging a dead horse, since I've been saying this a bunch lately, but I'm nevertheless going to make the point again: sometimes iteration beats innovation.The word"progressive" gets thrown around a lot these days, and often the bands to which this label is applied aren't exactly pushing too many musical boundaries -- and that's completely OK. Sometimes you want to hear something outrageously avant garde, and sometimes you just want something to kick your ass.

     That's where Dissonance in Design comes in. I don't know if I agree with Heavyblogisheavy's assessment of Dissonance in Design's Sentient as being super progressive and genre-boundary-pushing, but I certainly do agree that the musicianship and technicality is top notch. But rather than split hairs overmuch I'll just step aside and let you be the judge of all things progressive. Have a listen to "Entwined in Aether" and see what you think.

     And speaking of progressive, your second song today (call it your Monday pick-me-up) is the latest from jazz fusion outfit Exivious. "Deeply Woven" is yet another example of why the forthcoming Liminal is shaping up to be a tasty treat that's right up my alley: proggy, jazzy instrumental metal (aka instrumetal) that's got a little heavy and a little mellow, and in this case a healthy helping of sax solo to boot. Yum!

     For my money, Exivious is the more genuinely progressive of the two, but maybe that's just my personal jazzy tastes talking. That's the beauty of the Interwebz though: YOU get to choose which you like better! We live in an age of wonders, no?

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