Saturday, 5 October 2013

Age of Electric - Untitled

     I've got a pit report (of sorts) in the works to let you know just what I thought of the Nine Inch Nails show last night (which was pretty awesome, by the way) but since it's not done yet you'll just have to wait until tomorrow. For the time being I've got a quick little slice of Canadiana for you, inspired by our drive home from TO.

     Among the plethora of tunes we jammed on the way home was "Remote Control" by Canadian alt-rockers Age of Electric, and while that's not the song for today, it did get me thinking about this now-defunct group. More specifically, it got me thinking about how this song by them is that much better.

     The not-so-creatively named "Untitled" from 1995's The Age of Electric has been a favourite of mine since I was in high school, thanks in no small part to its cool outro guitar solo. When compared to your average neo-classical metal shredfest, it's not exactly going to melt faces off, but it is a really tasteful piece that solos off into the sunset with understated aplomb. All these years later I still count it among my favourite solos, and only partly because of the high nostalgia factor. To be blunt, it's fucking tame when compared with some metal leads, but every note does its job. Check it out.

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