Sunday, 22 September 2013

Song of the Day: Tesseract - Of Matter: Retrospect

     I recently got a new car (well, new to me anyways) and one of the many benefits of driving something that isn't 16 years old is that for the first time I have a CD player in my vehicle.

     I know, I know, the younger and/or more hipster among you are asking, sarcastically or otherwise, what a CD is and why I give a fuck that I can play them in my car now. I will, however, ignore your naysaying and continue to revel in my ability to listen to music without having to hook my mp3 player up to one of those cassettes you put in the tape deck (yes, my last car still had a tape deck, you smug bastards).

     The net result of this development, as far as we're concerned here, is that I've been listening to lots of albums all the way through over the last week or so, and in particular lots of Tesseract's Altered State, a record that will most definitely be making many a best of the year list come December, you mark my words. By that time, I can easily see myself having featured every song on this majestically proggy monster, but for now let's just stick with "Of Matter: Retrospect", shall we?

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