Thursday, 5 September 2013

Song of the Day: Protest the Hero - Clarity

     Unless you've spent your day under a rock or otherwise completely cut off from the world somehow (lucky you), you've likely already jammed the brand spankin' new Protest the Hero song. But just in case you missed it, Beardy's got you.

     "Clarity" is the first song to be released from the Indiegogo-funded Volition, due out October 29th. The boys in Protest had some big hype-type shoes to try on with this one, given both the amount of money they raised (approximately a bajillion dollars, by my count) and the involvement of Chris Adler from Lamb of God behind the kit (a twist of fate that still boggles my mind a little bit).

     Luckily for all of us, "Clarity" is pretty fucking solid. I know the new material will grow on me just like Scurrilous and Fortress did, making it premature to judge it compared to the old stuff yet, so I'll only say that so far this Protest the Hero fan is all smiles and thumbs up. Crank this one... a couple of times.

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