Monday, 23 September 2013

Song of the Day: Dance Gavin Dance - Tree Village

     Lots of albums I'm excited for coming out in the next month or so, including the latest record from today's band.

     Metalhead purists out there might shake their heads at me, but I dig Dance Gavin Dance. Call them too emo or whatever, but they scratch a riffy, noodly itch for me. Their latest, Acceptance Speech, is due out in couple of weeks, but since we've yet to be treated to a full new song (there's a brief snippet over at their merch store alongside preorder bundles) I'll just have to tempt you with some old stuff.

     Your song tonight is therefore is "Tree Village", the tasty album opener from 2009's Happiness. I've talked before about how important I think the lead-off track to an album is, and Dance Gavin Dance get my seal of approval for "Tree Village". Try it on for size.

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